Top 10 Common Boat Engine Problems



Why boats break down, and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

10 Simple Solutions for the Most Common Boating Breakdowns...

You've seen the bumper sticker: A bad day of boating is better than a good day at work. Cute, but would you really feel that way if you were adrift 10 miles from the launch ramp, with a boatload of tired, cranky passengers and an engine that won't start? At that point, you don't need a slogan, you need a plan.
Sometimes, your only option might be to ask for help - either from a professional towing company or a fellow boater. But in most instances a well-prepared skipper can make the necessary repairs to get the boat back to port without assistance.
We surveyed a group of respected boat mechanics to come up with the 10 most common reasons boats break down, and then compiled a consensus on what it would take to save the day - and how to prevent future outings from premature endings.

Simply "click" on any of the Top 10 List items below and you'll be taken to a description of the possible problem, as well as a likely solution. And better yet, ways to help prevent that issue from occurring in the future.

We hope this List assisted you in your ability to remain calm in the face of possible "on the water" problems, helping to insure many a successful boating adventure.
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