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Great service.  Laura and Dennis go out of their way to help with any problem you may have with your boat.  They are honest, fair and quick.  I have owned boats for over 20 years and absolutely love this place.  Thanks for always taking care of us.   Kathy S. ~ Poway, CA   9/6/2019

I have been coming here for about 4-5 years and will keep going back to them for any boat issues i have. The owners, Dennis and Laura are very personable, honest, fair and friendly. There staff is very helpful and knowledgable (even help me back in my boat to drop it off when it needs a repair). It is not easy to find a reliable and accurate boat mechanic, who can pin point the issues in a timely manner. I have used others companies or people in the past and have not had good experiences. They are not over priced and try to get your boat back to you as soon as they can (given they are busy usually, which says something in itself :). I will not use any other mechanic and I HIGHLY recommend to use Affordable Marine for any of your boating repair needs. Five Stars for sure. See you guys at the end of summer to winterize my boat!!!   John S. ~ San Diego, CA   9/6/2019

Laura and Dennis were extremely helpful! Very professional and on time. I would highly recommend Affordable Marine Service! They did an amazing job!   Laura E. ~ Calexico, CA   12/13/2018

I went in a couple weeks back and asked Laura about repairing my 60 hp outboard engine. She told me that unfortunately they don't work on anything smaller than 100 hp. But she did refer me to a mobile mechanic that could help me out. And that he did! Thank you sooooo much Laura for the great reference and even better your friendly and helpful attitude. Need a whole lot more customer service like this in the world today. THANKS LAURA!   Dominic S. ~ Chula Vista, CA   9/18/2018

I'd give these guys 6 stars if I could.   From the initial phone call to pickup, I felt like they truly cared about what was going on with my boat. They didn't just make an appointment, they asked questions, provided suggestions, volunteered to take a listen and ultimately fixed my problem. Thanks for saving my summer Dennis & Laura!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!   Kenneth P. ~ San Diego, CA    8/2/2018

Dennis and his wife Laura were a pleasure to work with and fixed the issue we had with our Bayliner the first time. My dad has often had nightmares with boat mechanics throughout San Diego so when I purchased a boat for my self I was a little nervous when it came to finding a mechanic for service and repair. Not only did Dennis fix the problem and service our boat, he tested it on the water to verify his work. Always friendly, always answers his phone for questions or concerns, and gets your boat in and out quickly. Can't reccomend Affordable Marine enough, very great experience and I will continue to be a customer in the future.   Ted S. ~ Salt Lake City, UT   6/27/2019

Amazing business. Professional and on time.  Boat runs perfect.  It is rare that you find professional and knowledgeable shops these days.  I highly recommend them.   Greg G.Campbell, CA   10/7/2018

Every boat owner knows that boat ownership is a mixed blessing,  with the most painful and anxious times coming when a repair is needed.  Where to turn for reliable and trustworthy service?  I recently used Laura and Dennis at Affordable Marine.  They are friendly, accommodating, and reassuring.  They recently performed some repairs and maintenance on my 21 foot Sea Ray with a Mercruiser inboard.  All issues were addressed with professionalism, competence and honesty.  In addition to getting my boat back in perfect working order, their team performed an interior detailing that made the boat look better than new!   I will use them again and recommend them highly as an excellent resource for boat maintenance and repair.   Ronald E. ~ La Jolla, CA   5/27/2018

Exceptional place to have your boat worked on. Dennis and Laurie went way out of their way to take care of me. I was unavailable the day I wanted to pick it up. Dennis launched the boat parked it in my slip. He even filled it up at the gas station so I wouldn't have to pay the fuel dock price. You will not regret going there.   Tom T. ~ Rancho Peñasquitos, CA   5/22/2018

Laura is awesome. Took my call on a Saturday. She had honest advice and had someone out to see me Monday. Hard to find in the boat world.   Tooraj H. ~ San Diego, CA   5/7/2018

I can't begin to describe how amazing Dennis is at affordable marine. He worked magic on my 1988 Sea Ray 230. Very detail oriented. There were expected bugs after motor came out and a huge amount of work was done, but he took the boat right back no questions asked and fixed the issues. I'm writing this review while he has my boat, and he has spent all afternoon being meticulous to find a slow leak in the steering system. He did a lot of extra work to ensure everything was safe and done right. I have just starting wet slipping the boat this year, and I am keeping my trailer just to be able to take the boat to Dennis when needed. 10 stars.   Alex K. ~ Pasadena, CA   4/30/2018

Dennis and Laura were extremely friendly, it was a pleasure doing business with them!
I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a good marine mechanic.
They did an awesome job on my outdrive.
Ready for the water!!!!   Ricardo E. ~ San Diego, CA  4/26/2018

I would definitely recommend this shop for everybody. This is my first time being in this shop, When i brought my yamaha and my 22ft boat to this shop i told them to do an annual service for my outboard and have my bait tank installed on my boat, i really like the job they done to it and they told me that 1 of the parts on my outboard wasnt needed to be serviced yet which saved me almost 200bucks there. And also when they did my bait tank they did a fantastic job on it!! From now on i will definitely gonna back to this shop for my nxt service!
Thanks to Dennis !! And his crew! Very nice ppl!   BeeLee R. ~ Shelltown, San Diego, CA   1/24/2018

This place is awesome!!!, I was referred to Affordable Marine Service by West Marine after they didn't have the parts I needed for my 340 Searay Sundancer. Dennis, the owner, personally took the time to go over the problem I was having with my engine (454 merc) and counseled me on the specific parts I needed, and ones I didn't need, and had them readily available in stock. I've been back or called several times and Dennis and Laura are extremely helpful, have an extensive parts department, and available to skype (unheard of) if I'm in the middle of a repair problem and need help. Oh, and one more thing, their prices are extremely reasonable!   Mic M. ~ Pacific Beach, CA    12/29/2017

I took my 22' ProKat in to Dennis and Laura. I was having major engine complications on my starboard outboard engine. This boat has been to multiple shops in the area. I spent thousands of dollars on it at the other shops. The other shops treated me horribly. I'm not a hard customer to deal with. I'm a cash paying customer that isn't afraid to "throw money at my boat." Long story short, Dennis fixed my boat in a few days. He took it out on a couple hour test drive to make sure she ran great. When I picked it up, Dennis showed me everything they worked on, the parts they replaced, and told me to give him a call any time. I ended up calling him on his cell at 8pm at night when I was running my boat and had a question. He picked up my call and answered all of my questions. He didn't rush me. He was very patient and understanding. He fixed my issue over the phone.
I highly recommend this shop. They will take care of you. They will be thorough. They will fix your problems and get your boat back in the water where it belongs.
PS: They washed my boat before they gave it back to me. ZERO GREASE was on my boat. That was a first for me.
Thank you Dennis and Laura.   Bernard L. ~ San Diego, CA   10/10/2017

I brought my boat in a few weeks ago with steering problems ..and Dennis gave me an estimate of 400 dollars to get repaired and said it would be done In about 3 days  two days later he called me and said it's ready, ONE DAY EARLY!. My family and I head down to affordable marine service  to pick up our boat .and as I go to pay my bill I notice that it is almost 200 dollars under the estimate !! Thank you affordable marine service and thank you Dennis for the great service the honest and timely repair .my boat steering has never been better .affordable marine service is a boat repair shop to trust.   Rodrick H. ~ San Diego, CA   6/8/2017

So my 21ft MAXUM  lives in the water at a marina on Harbor Island.  I check the bilge as I always do before taking the boat out and low and behold, there is oil in the bilge.  I call a tech who comes out to take a look and says that I have the UGLIEST manifolds that he has ever seen.  He recommended that I contact Affordable Marine as this type of repair is right up their alley. And I am glad I did.  After talking with Dennis on the phone, I made arrangements to drive the boat over to the boat ramp and have the boat hauled out by someone he recommended that rents the trailer and provides the transportation. After Dennis and his team pulled the engine they found that there was a hole in the oil pan and the manifolds and risers were a disaster!  Within a week and a half, the boat was completely repaired, water tested and ready for me to have back in the water in time for Father's Day.  The estimate was fair, and in the ballpark of what I was told to expect from the first tech that came to the boat. And there were no hidden fees or charges.  It came in right at estimate.  Furthermore, the boat runs better than ever and I know now that I need to do more annual maintenance to prevent this type of thing from happening again.  Thank you Dennis and team for a job well done.  I will recommend you to anyone else I find at the marina that is in need of service for a boat that is trailerable.   Marc B. ~ San Diego, CA   6/23/2017

Affordable Marine, Dennis, Michael, Laurie and Co, could not be a better place to take your boat for service.  Billed me what they quoted me, fixed a couple of additional things at no charge, awesome to work with, friendly.  Feels like I've joined the family.  Won't go anywhere else with my boats (we have three in the extended family)   Pete M. ~ San Diego, CA   5/23/2017

outstandinjg  service i dropped off my   ski nautic in for service and as always dennis ensured it was ready to go and safe to run thank you affordable marine service and thank you dennis for  for the excellent service !! i would give affordable 100 stars if i could.   Dave S. ~ San Diego, CA   5/12/2017

Love women helping women, Laura was so awesome I was looking for a place to get my boat trailer fixed... she couldn't help at the time but referred me to someone that could help me same day! Thank you for the advice and help I will definitely use this company in the future!   Nicole C. ~ Indian Wells, CA   5/11/2017

I purchased a "Great Deal" used boat last Summer, a 2007 Maxum 24' with a Merc 350 & Bravo III.   When I purchased the boat I had it check out, by another shop, and received a list of recommended work.  Per the owner & mechanics at the other shop there was nothing urgent, mostly maintenance items that should be taken care of over winter.  So, late February, I took the boat back to the other shop and got an estimate for over $13,000.00.  No, that's not a misprint - Thirteen Thousand!    Ne explanation ...that's just the way it is.
A friend recommended Affordable Marine Service.  I took the boat in and met both Dennis and Laura.  They took the time to go over the boat with me in detail.  They were very reassuring, clearly knowledgeable,  and professional.  Their estimate: $2,000.  During the work they maintained good communications with me, keeping me posted on work progress, unanticipated glitches, and gave me recommendations and advice.  They kept all old parts for my review, and explained why the parts were changed and how.  Their communication and advice was so good I had them perform additional work before ever picking the boat up from the original estimate!  The work was performed in a timely manner, was ready when promised, and the price was exactly as we had agreed!
When I picked the boat up it was beautiful!.  No coat of shop dust covering the boat, no greasy handprints on upholstery, no bits and pieces left loose on the deck or bilge, even a fresh coat of paint on the transom and outdrive.
Last weekend I took the boat out for the air races here on San Diego Bay.  The boat ran like it was brand new!  It started, ran, and handled like a dream.  Thank You Dennis & Laura!   J.K. H. ~ Poway, CA   4/18/2017

These guys are the best. Reasonable pricing for boat service and Dennis and Laura (the owners) are good and honest folks.   Jordan L. ~ San Diego, CA   12/21/2016

I've been meaning to write this review for a while now.  Dennis and Laura know what good customer service is about.  My wife and I purchased a used boat through Dennis about 1.5 years ago.  After we purchased it, we discovered a hidden issue that was not easily detected, but there.  Dennis and his team made it right, no question.  In today's day and age, the short-sited business owner would have told me to take a hike.  Instead, Dennis and Laura fixed the problem and have created clients for life.  Affordable Marine Service continues to service the boat and we always appreciate the good quality work, affordable prices, honesty and excellent customer service.  I just had our boat serviced for routine maintenance and told Dennis that my dad is coming to town to visit.  Dennis got the boat work completed and back to me quickly so as to accommodate my schedule.  If ever he cannot complete something within a time frame, he will let me know which I appreciate - but he will still try.  I can't say enough about Dennis, Laura and Affordable Marine Service.  Thanks to you and your great team for treating us fairly and for the great service.  I truly believe that Dennis takes pride in helping people enjoy boating and time on the water.  He has helped make that a reality for my family and I.  Thanks Dennis.   Peter M. ~ Ramona, CA   11/5/2016

Affordable Marine has done an outstanding job supporting us our boat and our family.  We re-powered our boat, 25' Donzi, with Dennis over 8 years ago.  It has been a great experience working with this team.  The re-power has proven to be a very good fit for us and performed as we expected.  The Affordable Marine team has helped over the years service the boat and has gone out of their way supporting our needs as quickly as possible.  We don't see them often as the boat runs well but when we need them they are on hand, honest and reliable.   Charles U. ~ Oceanside, CA   9/7/2016

Dennis and his crew run a great operation. They have done a few repairs on my 19ft Sea Ray with 4.3L Mercruiser and have always been honest, with fair pricing, and great turn around times. As someone who doesn't know a whole lot about boats, I'm glad I found someone that can tell it to me straight. I've had a few mobile mechanics do some repairs who claimed low rates, and each time I regretted not taking it back to Affordable. Highly recommend!   Dave P. ~ San Diego, CA   8/26/2016

This was my 1st time using AMS . I was very pleased with their honesty and great service! Dennis and Brian make a great team together.I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for boat repair or service.   Matthew C. ~ Santee, CA   8/17/2016

I was looking for a boat shop after Hipp Marine closed, read some reviews and decided to give AMS a shot. I couldn't be more pleased Laura, Dennis and the whole crew were fantastic. The price was very reasonable, the service second to none and most importantly the boat has NEVER run so well. Its very comforting taking your boat to a shop knowing the work is going to be well done at a fair and honest price. My search is over as yours will be after 1 trip to affordable.   David L. ~ San Diego, CA   6/8/2016

Dennis at Affordable Marine is one of the nicest,  most knowledgeable and professional people in the boat repair business.  I have an older boat and probably not the most glamorous to work on but it was repaired professionally and on time. Good people!   Mike W. ~ San Diego, CA   5/19/2016

I wouldn't take my boat anywhere else.  Dennis is Honest, straight forward, and wont take you.  His employees are happy to work for him and his wife.  It's like family there, and that's the way you are treated.  I"m on my second boat, things happen.  Dennis will take care of you.
Mahalo to people like Dennis.   Paul M. ~ San Diego, CA   4/23/2016

Dennis and Laura are THE BEST... Very professional and knowledgeable with every aspect of the marine industry quick professional turn around on all repairs.   Corey B. ~ San Diego, CA   3/16/2016

Great service at affordable prices.  Repair was delivered on time and in budget.  No surprises and the work was top quality.  Dennis and crew take care of their customers and do great work.
I had a motor replaced and have the service done there.   Brandon P. ~ San Diego, CA   2/17/2016

Dennis and his crew are very professional honest and knowledgeable will continue taking my boat there for all service work thanks Dennis and crew for the great service.   Charles E. ~ Valley Center, CA   12/13/2015

I would like to commend Affordable Marine and owner Dennis on his business and the great service that I received from them. They are very friendly and do what they say they will. My boat had some problems that were not easily indentified, but they found the trouble and fixed it with the quote that they had given me. Good boss and good crew thanks to them.   Randy E. ~ San Diego, CA   12/11/2015

This place gets the job done!!! This was the second time ive had repairs done ,im very happy with the service ,everyone was very helpfull and explained everything to me.   SharkTattoo I. ~ Imperial Beach, CA   12/10/2015

Called Dennis at Affordable Marine to work on my 2007 Yamaha F115. He said I could bring it down in 4 or 5 days, so after 4 days, I called him and he said bring it down.
The motor was missing and running funny and had actually been at another shop for three weeks and they couldn't figure it out. Anyways, Dennis called me after a week and said he thinks it's an injector, but was going to run more tests and figure it out. I gave him the green light to go ahead and get it fixed and he did just that. He called back the next day and said they replaced a bad injector, sea trialed the boat and was running great. When I went to pick up the boat, I happened to catch the mechanic that worked on it and he explained each process of elimination they went through to find the injector. Awesome Job! BTW these injectors were cleaned by another shop, but they just couldn't figure it out.
Thanks Dennis for providing professional repair.   Erica S. ~ Las Vegas, NV   11/18/2015

I wrote a very negative review about Dennis and his crew. I was unfair in doing so.
once I expressed my frustration with their service they insisted on making it right.
I took the boat back and they took care of everything. Dennis really cares about his quality of service as well as his reputation.
I am now a loyal customer of affordable marine and will recommend they to anyone looking for a honest boat mechanic!  Thanks Dennis   Mike T. ~ Coronado, CA   11/7/2015

I brought my 19' stingray I/O to Dennis. He provided me with a quote and was easy to work with. After picking up the boat, he did all the repairs and finished up the job $400+ under his quote! I'm very happy with his work and I will definitely be taking my boat to him each season for servicing.   Andrew A. ~ Pensacola, FL   3/7/2015

I just purchased a used boat that needs just about everything done to it.  This is my third boat and after many years on the water I am happy to have picked up this small day runner on the cheap.  Fortunately Dennis and the Affordable Marine Service team are there for me.  The first day out my daughter and I found that the impeller was shot which quickly overheated the engine.  We shut it down and dropped the boat off with the very capable and honest AMS folks who got us back on the water in no time.
It is always refreshing to know that the job is done correctly the first time and is no longer a concern for us on our next outing.  Thank you Dennis and AMS for your help making our new - old boat ship shape again.   Cameron C. ~ San Diego, CA   10/17/2014

Wow - What can I say ?  Affordable Marine exceeded my expectations in both customer service and cost. Took my '97 Four Winns 240 in as it wasn't running well-  turns out it was a high pressure fuel pump that needed replacement which they took care of right away. I really appreciate that they sea trial their work to ensure no on water relapses. AMS is top notch  - I am extremely satisfied with their service - you can't go wrong !   Jack L. ~ El Cajon, CA   9/15/2014

Used them for the first time when we were getting our boat ready to sell.  Wished we used them years earlier.  Very knowledgeable, and did excellent work.  Boat passed all inspections and sea trials without a hitch.   John H. ~ San Diego, CA   7/19/2014

I have used several boat repair yards around town since we bought our boat in 2005. Affordable Marine is hands down the best. They have always had room for me with out having to wait a week or two. They get to work on it quickly. They do great work. But most importantly to me is they are HONEST! Dennis will not over charge or do unnecessary work. The proof: 5-6 years ago I took the boat to another shop to have a new starter installed. They called saying the boat needed all new risers and elbows, that they were shot. The boat never over heated so I was skeptical. The quote was $5,500.00! I left worried I had a major problem brewing. The last time in Dennis's shop I had him take a look. After all its been 5+ years since the "bad news". His quote, if needed, $ 2,350.00  The news: The parts are in great shape! WHAT!!!!! I will never go any where else as long as I own a boat. The other and very important aspect of their operation is he alway's sea trials the boat in the bay. That is huge. They have everything you want in any service business: Honesty, fair pricing, quality work and they are friendly. Thanks Dennis and your crew. I appreciate your values and ethic.   Steve M. ~ Jamul, CA   6/21/2014

I took my 1966 Traveler Saturn II boat in for inspection. After a general service of the engine everything was in great shape.
Dennis took his time and I picked up my boat right on time.
Next service there's only one place to go AMS.   James K. ~ Aptos, CA   5/29/2014

Honest, great prices and service. Don't take your boat anywhere else. Ask for Dennis. They do great work.   John C. ~ San Diego, CA   3/21/2014

if you think about going to any other boat repair shop stop and go see dennis at affordable marine. not only  is his staff friendly, personable, and professional, but they will walk you through any repair and make you feel like you are part of the family.
i brought my ski boat in this week and was prepared for an unruly repair fee as i was quoted prices from other repair shops that were insane to say the least.
dennis took care of me and only did the repairs that were necessary and did not try to up sell me at all during this process as most other boat mechanics will do.
i will only take my boat to affordable marine service in the future and i recommend that everyone else should do the same.

Great AFFORDABLE service!!!
My 150 Mercury Optimax was having trouble idling and of course I was worried that I might have a major (expensive) issue to deal with. I trailered down to the AMS lot and asked for a diagnosis and while we're at it, annual service on the lower unit, impeller, and plugs.
Dennis and his guys diagnosed the problem, made some minor repairs and had me on my way in a day.
I can't believe how quickly they got everything done and the price was extremely fair. I've been gouged by other mechanics in the past, but I feel like I can trust the honesty and integrity at this shop.
Affordable Marine Service came highly recommended by friends at the San Diego Outboard Club and the San Diego Rod & Reel Club and I hope that my review can help others get to know about this Dennis and his great operation. Thanks!   Alan A. ~ San Diego, CA   2/5/2014

Thanks to Dennis at Affordable Marine Service for the fast turnaround and great service for my Boston Whaler!  My 90hp 2 stroke Johnson runs like a champ!  It took awhile to find a good outboard mechanic, and I'm glad I found AMS!   Will P. ~ San Diego, CA   12/18/2013

Affordable Marine Service is a family owned business that is honest, knowledgeable and they enjoy boating on a personal level. All the work they have performed for us has exceeded our expectations.When it comes to advice Dennis has no problem with sharing his knowledge on repairs or buying a boat. Laura is great on coordination of work and scheduling deadlines. Affordable Marine sets the bar for a classy business in the industry!!!   Russ W. ~ San Diego, CA   8/26/2013

Went to dennis over a 270 re prop with all the fixens he thru it in the box and i was on my way everything fit no problem under 150 bucks about 3 months ago.
Called to see if there were open today and no one answered Laura called me back in about 2 minutes  on a sunday and assured me that dennis would take care of me tomorrow.
Way to set the standard guys.   James T. ~ National City, CA   8/19/2013

I have a 1992 Four Winns that we bought about 2 months ago. Took it out three times and the motor pretty much died out. We took the boat to Twin Anchors and they said it was not repairable and that it would be $9,000 minimum to fix it.
We were looking into selling it when someone mentioned getting a second quote. Took it to Dennis and his guys at Affordable Marine. He was very passionate about boats and really wanted to help us. We left the boat in his hands and he called us the next day saying he has bad news-it needed a lot of repairs but he was willing to put in the work and help us. A week and a half later and under 4k we had our boat back in action! Couldn't have asked for a better boat professional and company. They are not out to take your money. They truly care about getting people on the water and they do great work! Thank you to Dennis and the crew! You saved our boat! 🙂   Braydon M. ~ San Diego, CA   8/1/2013

Great and honest service is what AMS showed me... fixed my boat in timely manner and showed me parts that were Taken off and were going to be put on ... they even water tested my boat to make sure that if anything else was wrong it happened on their time and not mine.. definitely recommending to my boating friends.   Marcos C. ~ Chula Vista, CA   5/12/2013

I usually dont write reviews but this particular project is very close to my heart MY BOAT .    these guys deserve some good press. they repowered my twin v cat with 2 brand new motors . changed the boat from cable steering to hydrolic,added a complete auto pilot system,and rewired entire boat.they also helped me to improve my original systems ie bait/wash-down/bilge/fuel. Above all they said yes first then we worked on the details . when it comes to customizing my rides boat,bikes etc. last thing i want to here is no it cant be done. Trust me these guys/gal can get it done.  Thanks to the entire crew @ affordable marine for the quality work you did on my boat and for the treatment i was shown.    Fairwinds/followingseas  Christian B. ~ San Diego, CA   2/26/2013

Read the reviews and you will find a familiar theme. The service and caring they have for you and your boat are uncompromising. I purchased a used boat that had a few issues and Dennis and the staff got my boat to a place where I trust it out on the open seas. I had a recent event (Oil Pressure Alarm) and called the shop on a Sunday night to leave a message, and hopefully get the boat looked at on Monday. Well, an answering machine is not what AMS calls customer service and Laura answered the phone (Sunday Night!) She scheduled me in on Monday. I was hopeful I could get the boat fixed to be back on the water by Wednesday, (A pretty tall order.)  Dennis discovered the problem and had my boat done and ready the same day I dropped it off. Exemplary customer service, competent mechanics, and a genuine caring about getting you  back in the water. That is how I would describe Affordable Marine Service.
Thanks   John H. ~ Escondido, CA   10/16/2012

I have been going to other marine service centers for the 11 years I have owned a boat.  Every time it seemed as if I was being nickled and dimed, which always added up to several hundred if not a thousand more than what I originally came in for.
Well, this time I decided to give Dennis at Affordable Marine Service a try.  First rate service!  He took the time to talk with me about my concerns over the phone and told me what my options were.  Once I brought my boat in he told me that a service I was requesting was not needed at the time.  He even tried out the boat on the water and found a problem that should have been caught by the other marine service center as it had been going on for a while.  You would think that when a service center pulls out your whole motor they would have caught a leaking head gasket!
Anyway, super fair price, honest service and worked on my schedule, not theirs as most places do.
I will definitely be back and recommend AMS to everyone with a boat!  Save yourself the time and money......   Thank you Dennis and your whole team.   Jason T. ~ Escondido, CA   9/16/2012

Dennis came through and beat everyone's price by 50% and he did a power trial on the water!  I work in the Coast Guard 15yrs and grew up on boats so I know a little about boats.  One thing I've learned since living in SoCal is that everyone tries to rip you off!!!!  One company charged $130. labor another charged $375 a carb  plus parts.   In the old days people gave you a price and a deadline.  It was on them to finish the job at that price.  Well that's what Dennis did plus install my water separator and drain my bad gas.
Estimate's:  1.  Company-  $700 carb rebuild+$100 install water separator+ we dont drain tanks!
2.  Company-  $375 ea. x4 carbs + parts + 2months wait = $1600
3.  AMS-Dennis=$570 + install water separator + drain tank + took it on a power trial + hat + 5days!!!!
Honest, Honest, Honest, Honest..........   Pat A. ~ San Diego, CA   9/7/2012

Aloha--  I've had a problem with my engine for a couple of months.  Dennis has been a big help even though he is 2500 miles away.   Can't say enough about someone willing to take a little time from his day to help a guy out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   That is service.   Steve M. ~ Kailua-Kona, HI  5/30/2012

Dennis & Laura-Marie are great people who own a terrific marine services shop.  They are very friendly and eager to work with others who need help.   Daniel V. ~ San Diego, CA   6/11/2009