Click! Click!! Click!!! Uh oh, what now!


Most of us have been there, right? We spend all week getting ready for the weekend, planning on an awesome day out on the water. We’ve been checking off things on our Boating "To Do” list all week in preparation for what we know is going to be a great day.
If you’ll be trailering your boat to the launch ramp at zero dark thirty, one of your “Must Do’s” on your list will be to give your boat a quick “test crank” (or even better, hook up a hose and give it a test run) prior to hooking up to your trailer.
Sure, it ran great last time out. Even when you flushed everything prior to putting it in storage, it started without a hitch. But we’re all familiar with the Boat Gremlins and just what havoc they can cause when we’re not looking. So rather than take any chances, you want to be sure your boat will start once you reach the ramp.
Especially on a busy Saturday morning, when all eyes are on you, waiting for you to do your ‘job’ and get out of the way so everybody else can get their day started as well. And upon turning the key, all you hear is Click! Click!! Click!!!
Not a pleasant sound, that’s for certain. And not the kind of sound you want to hear so close to the weekend.
And unless you can figure out both why it is happening as well as the applicable repair, your weekend ‘plans’ could quickly be cancelled.
Don't let this happen to you. Why not schedule an appointment with Affordable Marine Service and let their knowledgeable technicians perform a complete checkover of your entire electrical system.
From battery switch, to batteries, to starter and everything in between. Every boater knows that your boats electrical system is easily the most susceptible to damage of all the systems on your boat and can make or break your weekend before you even hit the water.

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