Superb Job AMS!

there comes a time in a mans life when he gets to brag about some things. It’s about time you and Bryan get some recognition on the superb job done by AMS on my 28 Skipjack. I can’t thank you enough for the re-power you have done on my boat. You have brought new life to the 78 Skipjack.
It all started in the beginning of October with me selling my twin 350’s with Volvo out drives, through the help of AMS. Then, we all decided, after talking with Gary Arnold at Boatswains Locker, we would re-power with twin Mercury Diesels 3.6L 170 HP each, with Bravo Two out drives. Merc Diesels are not a familiar name with diesel engine re-power, but after doing allot of research, the Merc Diesels was going to be the engine of choice. After all I can’t see Mercury putting their name on something, that wasn’t up to their standards. Dennis and Bryan had their work cut out for them now that the decision was made.
First they stripped the Skipjack of everything that was old, including old wiring and they went so far as to remove the old gas tank and replace with a new one. There is nothing that they would not do to make it right. You never had to ask, what about this or what about that, because they were thinking way ahead of you. Every week I went down to see how the project was going. Both Dennis and Bryan always treated me like I was one of the boys. They always had time to discuss the project and go over any new issues that might have come up.
Then it happened, the day I take possession of my 28 Skipjack. I opened the hatch and there sat two beautiful pieces of art. Twin Merc Diesels with Bravo Two out drives, new wiring, new gas tank and new bait tank. I could not believe what I saw. It looked like I opened the hatch to a new boat. Everything was perfect down to the last clamp.
We went for the bay test in Mission Bay, Dennis fired both Mercs with no noticeable smoke from either side. Even the smell of diesel was down to a min, they idled between five and six hundred RPM and were so smooth you could set a glass of champagne on top of each engine without spilling a drop. We let the engines warm up for 10 to 15 minutes and then off we went. From a stand still, when we put the pedal to the metal, the boat was on plane in 3 seconds, without any hesitation, at 2200 RPM we were doing 30 MPH, at 2800 RPM we were doing 38.5 MPH not bad for 10,000 LB boat loaded with fuel, bait tank, gear and three people. Fuel economy is unknown at this point, but I can tell you, I went to the nine mile bank, down past south Island then back to the nine and back to Mission Bay. The next day I went back to the nine, putted around there for the day and came back and still had 3/4 of a tank left. The Skipjack performed better than my expectations.
In all reality I am glad I re-powered. It turned out to be a real success, but that success only happened because of Dennis and Bryan. They used my money like it was there own, they watched every nickel and researched the best method for doing things, but never cut any corners to get the final result. Whether you live in Southern Cal. or any were in the US and you need someone to trust with your boat, you need to go see Dennis and Bryan at AMS. Thanks again Dennis and Bryan for a superb job.
~Frank M.