Yamaha outboards display awesome performance! Check it out!

With outboard motors it’s important to have the trim in the correct position. Watch how the video demonstrates the wrong angle of trim.
Watch Affordable Marine Service as we diagnose which carburetor is plugged up on a Yamaha outboard. Watch other outboard troubleshooting videos.
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Check out not only some of the nicest but a few of the quickest outboard boats!

Why are outboards so powerful for their size?
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Affordable Marine Service is San Diego’s #1 Outboard Repair Facility specializing in Yamaha Outboards! 
Powerhead & Lower Unit Rebuilds ~ Tune-Ups ~ Fuel Injection & Carburetors.
Outboard Repairs & Service (100hp+) | Annual (100-300 Hour Service)
When you bring your engine to Affordable Marine for it’s annual service, we service your ENTIRE BOAT!

  • Check Navigational lights
  • Check anchor light (if equipped)
  • Check all console switches for operation
  • Service all batteries
  • Check bilge pumps, bait pump, wash down pumps.
  • Check trim tabs & reservoir
  • Check steering, top off hydraulic steering reservoir
  • Check central box for stiffness
  • Check wires and clamps at fuel tank sending unit, vent  and fill
  • Change water separating fuel filter , check contents
  • Check power tilt & trim, fill reservoir
  • Clean power head fuel strainer, check contents
  • Compression Check
  • Ignition Component Check
  • Set idle & wide open throttle timing
  • Synchronize carburetor linkage
  • Check oil pump link rod adjustment (if equipped)
  • Replace or tighten all fuel & oil line clamps
  • Drain and clean water trap on main oil resv.
  • Adjust carburetor pilot screws
  • Adjust idle
  • Change spark plugs
  • Lube starter drive
  • Check throttle & shift cable adjustment
  • Lube cowl latches, shift rail & linkages
  • Grease tilt & swivel tubes
  • Drain and refill lower unit, pressure/ vacuum check
  • Remove propeller grease prop shaft
  • PARTS: Spark plugs, water separator fuel filter, lower unit lube and disposal fee

Water Pump Service

  • Yamaha ~ Mercury ~ Mariner
  • Force ~ Johnson/Evinrude

Please call us @ 619.578.5979 or feel free to stop by and visit us @ 1215 Beardsley St. San Diego 92113 and you will find that we ourselves are a group of extremely knowledgeable and like minded boaters. We are more than willing to provide you with professional boat service that is above all others.