Trim Tabs

Smart tabs are made for the smaller boats , check out the video

There is a simple remedy… trim tabs. Right away, you will notice the world of difference. Trim tabs are two plates installed on the transom of your boat. The results are great! They allow your boat to get on plane quickly, helping improve performance. With improved performance, this will glide your boat through the water with ease, giving you the benefit of less fuel consumption. The leveling effects eliminates that uncomfortable feeling you get when our load is evenly balanced.

The way trim tabs work, an actuating cylinder deflects the trim tabs raising the stern. As the stern rises, the bow lowers. For trim tabs to BE effective, the appropriate tab surface area is essential – larger and/slower boats require larger trim tabs than smaller, faster boats.

See how they effect a Mastercraft

Most trim tabs use hydraulic cylinders for smooth trimming action. The helm control sends a signal to the hydraulic power unit (HPU), which opens the valves on the HPU and channels the right amount of fluid to the actuators. When the control is released, the valves close, capturing the fluid in the actuators. Other systems operate in a similar manner using water pressure instead of hydraulic fluid.

The port trim tab lifts the stern on the port side, which heels the boat to starboard; the starboard trim tab lifts the stern on the starboard side, which heals the boat to port. When properly installed, you will not be aware of this reverse function. The control function is based on the direction you wish to move the bow.

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