Re-propping The Diesel Duck

Hey Dennis,
I spoke to you a few weeks ago about re-propping the Diesel Duck. Your recommendation was dead on! Just changing the prop resulted in an amazing performance difference. The old prop (15X16) gave us a calm water (in the bay) speed of 12 knots. The only way we could get up on plane was to “surf down a swell”. Now, with the new prop (16X13), our calm water speed is 30 knots!!! Performance out in the choppy swell this morning was wonderful! Plenty of power going into the swells!!! Engine speed was perfect! Max throttle achieved max recommended RPM for our engine (3700 rpm for our diesel). The new prop size is perfect! Thanks for all your help!
If any other boat owners are out there, wondering about re-propping……..call Dennis. He’s the man!
~Gary aboard the Diesel Duck