HowTo Outfit Your Boat For Fishing

First, add 3,000 hp! That’s the fun part – Check out this 60′ Sportsfisher travelling @ 60 Knots.

Check out the floor plan on this 45′ Rampage!

  • In Southern California And Mexican Waters Open Up The Aft Deck Space To Give As Much Room As Possible.
  • Purchase And Install Good Fish Finder, Ocean Temperature Gauge, Vhf Radio With Scan Features, Gps Navigation System Or Loran C.
  • Get Yourself The Largest Bait Tank Possible! (This Is A Definite Necessity With A High Volume Bait Pump, Mounted On A High Speed Pick Up With Gate Valve For Safety.)
  • Equipped w/ Large EnoughFuel Tanks To Hold Enough Fuel For A Minimum 100 Mile Return Trip.
  • Have Yourself 4 Rod Holders For Trolling, 6-16 Extra For Holding Fishing Poles. (All Your Friends Like To Bring 2-5 Poles Each It Seems!)
  • Install Outriggers For Trolling Offshore.
  • Bait Net, Gaff, Pliers, Cutters, Fillet Knifes.
  • Wash Down Pump And Hose, Stiff Brush On A Long Handle.
  • Spreader Lights To See At Night As Well As Early Morning.
  • You Will Need Ice Chests Or Fish Wells To Store Fish.
  • Large Capacity Bilge Pump And All Required Safety Equipment.
  • Charts, Extra Food, And Water Supplies.
  • Fish Cleaning Station.