Mission Bay

Mission Bay San Diego

Fishing Mission Bay / La Jolla

Lat 117 17 30 West Long 32 49 30 North

I recommend you going out to the La Jolla Kelpbeds.  They are located 6 miles north of the Mission Bay Jetty on a 330 North heading.  This is the spot for local fishing, try the south kelp or off northwest.  The canyon is also excellent grounds for the thresher sharks in the spring time May-June when the water temp is 65-68 degrees.  Look for big bait balls in the canyon edges and slow troll big mackeral.

Try the 100′ – 180′ depths for the YellowTail, Bonito, etc…

Species found here are YellowTail, Bass, Barracuda, Bonito, Sheepshead, Halibut, Mackeral, Smaller Shark and many others.

Map of Mission Bay