Fishing Etiquette

# 1 Make sure you fish in a safe location.

Make sure you’re feeling the fish bite. Don’t be fooled!

Ever tried to Bow hunt for fish?

We have been going over some of the past postings from the “Buddy Boaters Board”. With your input we have compiled Etiquette 101!
Some of the text is just for fun, some is the real deal. Thanks to all the “Affordable Marine Buddy Boaters” who posted their thoughts and comments. I tried to get all of your names, Taylor #117, Hbfish #392, Exodus #286, Paddy Rald #789, Fishing-Rather-Be #842, Pau Hana #333, Signit 2000 #7, Bob Cavanaugh #270, Tomcat #211, Jorel #173, Timeout #673, Frank #69, Saltysurfer #66. Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody – Good Fishing!

Turns Ons

  • Offering to help drive the boat.
  • “Sharing hook ups” There’s plenty of fish in the sea.
  • A surprise “Treat” or something (food for example) for the crew to munch on.
  • On Time!  Nobody likes to wait!  For “sleepy head” so shuffle aboard.
  • Current “valid” fishing permits.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Bring your own gear, or at least ask to borrow before you hit the high seas.
  • Sharing “ALL” costs equally, bait, gas, ice, lunch, etc…
  • Clean up – soooo much quicker if “everybody” pitches in.
  • Anglers with energy.

Turns Offs

  • Sorry, I’m busy fishing
  • “Mine, mine, mine!”  Doing the locomotive dance!  Pushing fellow anglers to get the grab the pole.
  • I already ate.
  • I’m full
  • Late, No Show, No Call. Come on – you’ve got a cell phone!
  • “I forgot” “We won’t get boarded”
  • “Crab-Apple” – “Complainer” – “Whiner” – Would you like cheese with that?
  • Assuming that it’s okay to “grab” someone elses gear
  • “Penny – Pinchers”
  • No help.  “I’m tired”.  “Hey I paid for gas, bait, etc…”
  • Slug – boy.


  • The captain gets a nap on the way home!
  • Just relax – take a chill pill, maybe take two.
  • Something homemade – but a bucket of chicken from the colonel will do!
  • Maybe show up 10 minutes early ready to rock n roll.
  • Having “both” valid US and Mexican permits.
  • Having your personal comedian on board.
  • Hey, you at the Tackle Shop, how about one of those “purple feathers for the Captain!”
  • Sharing the bigger costs-coming from L.A.?  Truck fuel, oil, etc.  If you’re a regular on board, a couple of $’s for boat repairs.
  • Maybe get together “one day” and help do a “detail – job” inside and out.
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes.


Just a few thoughts to help everybody have a wonderful day out on the water…