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AMS Is Expanding Further To Serve The San Diego Boating Community Even Better

After nearly 30 years of serving the San Diego boating community, we here at Affordable Marine Service have learned many things. Firstly, there are thousands upon thousands of boats and boat owners in San Diego County alone.
Another thing we’ve learned is that many of those boats are towed to and from the launch ramps of San Diego County week in and week out. And while boat owners do their very best to keep up with the preventative maintenance and scheduled service that not only their boats but their boat trailers require as well, one thing is for certain. That being that despite our best efforts, “rust never sleeps.”
No sir, regardless of how many times you hose your boat trailer off after every use, there are still plenty of nooks and crannies where rust and corrosion can and do make themselves right at home. Boating season is always open for them and they continue to do their dirty work 24/7, 365 days a year. They never seem take a day off.
Simply ask yourself how often you’ve noticed something on your trailer, either a new problem or a soon to be problem that you swear wasn’t there the last time you had the boat out. Like, every time you have your boat out? Well then you’re not alone as that seems to happen to each and every boater out there.
And if you’ve never experienced the letdown of one of these so called problems putting an early end to a day of fishing (or even worse), then consider yourself lucky. Because take it from us or anyone else that’s experienced it, it’s no fun. Waiting all week long, anticipating an early start on the weekend, only to have all your plans cancelled at the last second due to an unscheduled trailer malfunction of some kind can be a weekend killer to say the least.
Whether it’s something as simple as the trailer lights not working or as dangerous as a broken leaf spring, sooner or later every boat owner is affected in one way or another.
So as boat owners we do the best we can to stay ahead of the possible problems. It’s not a 100% fool proof science but we can still do our best to head off many a problem long before it has a chance to ruin a day out on the water.
And it’s with this thought process in mind that the AMS Team has decided to expand our efforts to allow a bit more focus on boat trailers and the important role they play in our boating adventures. After all, if we can’t get our boats to and from the launch ramp, then that right there pretty much spells a boring weekend ahead to say the least.
So if you feel the same way and realize just how important the role your boat trailer plays in your boating activities, why not check out the new Affordable Marine Trailer Service website for more information on how to stay ahead of the rust and corrosion game.
Or better yet, just give the Team here at Affordable Marine Service a call direct @ 619.578.5979 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss all your options with you.
We look forward to serving the San Diego Boating Community even better over the next 30 years and beyond.