For ‘Gas’ Powerboats 16ft. – 40ft.

*Engine Won’t Turn Over*
  1. Check Battery Condition. Low On Water?
  2. Check Battery Cables And Ends. Loose?
  3. Try To Go Directly To Starter, Bypassing Starter Solenoid.
  4. Wiggle Control Head To Find Neutral. OK
*Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start, Engine Was Just Running Fine.*
  1. Check For Spark From Ignition Coil Wire Holding It 1/4″ To 1/2″ Away Be Sure That There Are No Gas Fumes Present.
  2. Check For Fuel At Carburetor. Remove Flame Arrestor and Press Down On Throttle Linkage. Looking Down The Throat Of The Carburetor, Check For Signs Of Squirting Fuel.
  3. Check To See If Any Wires Have Come Off Or Are Corroded, Check Engine Wire Harness Plug.
*Engine Lacks Power On Acceleration*
  1. Check Accelerator Pump (in Carburetor) For Output.
  2. Check Ignition Timing. (How?)
  3. Check For Proper Size Propeller. (what Size?)
  4. Check For Growth On Boat Hull. (Reach Way Under, Then Say “this Can’t Be True?”)
*Engine Has High Speed M-i-s-s And/Or B-a-c-k-f-i-r-e.*
  1. Check Firing Order. ( 12345678 — is incorrect)
  2. Check Distributor Cap. (For what ?)
  3. Check Ignition Timing. (What ‘s that?)
  4. Check For Fuel Restriction. (How?)
  5. Check For Defective Spark Plug Wires, Or Bad Spark Plugs. (How?)
  6. Check Engine Compression. (What’s that?)