Tips On Repairs

Repairing your boat is part of boat ownership! (if your boat is more than 5 years old)
If you’re unable to repair it yourself, the best option is to hire someone. However, you should learn to do as much as you possibly can if you want to make it affordable.
Try to fix it – if you run into problems, email me, and I will do my best to help you out! – Dennis Allen / Owner

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OK, now here are some things you can do to help yourself save money!
  1. Have your friends kick in for all the expenses: gas, bait, food, drinks, etc..
    (Yeah Right!  What kind of friends do you think I have!?)
  2. Distribute the weight evenly, don’t pile all the gear in the back.
  3. Check the tide chart; running with the tide can save you up to 20% on fuel! running against the tide can cost you up to 20% more fuel.
  4. Have the prop that get you the rated rpm’s installed. If you don’t currently have trim tabs, get some installed (if you can afford them). This will save you 10%-20% in fuel costs.
  5. Keep the bottom clean.
  6. Make a game plan so you’re not traveling places that you don’t need to be going.
  7. Slow down and smell the ocean. The faster you travel, the faster you burn your fuel. Trolling speed gets you the best fuel economy, and you catch more fish. Leave plenty of time so you’re not rushing the trip and rushing to get home.