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AMS Offers All Levels Of Outdrive Service

From Basic to Full Service, Affordable Marine has got you covered!

One of the most critical and yet often neglected areas of your boat is the outdrive. While the ‘powerplant’ itself receives the majority of attention, the outdrive is just as critical. After all, it’s your true ‘connection’ to the water. Without your outdrive in proper working condition, your engine could be as finely tuned as a Swiss watch and you wouldn’t be able to leave the dock.
Not only does the outdrive house the U-Joints (along with the extremely critical U-Joint Bellows), but in many Models the outdrive also houses the water pump. Which of course is an essential ingredient in assuring your boat is running as ‘cool’ and as efficiently as possible.
And don’t forget your propeller. Without that, you’re simply spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. Literally.
Affordable Marine Service offers 3 levels of Outdrive Servicing. To find out how easy it is to ensure your boat is performing at peak performance, click here.